NOSM Faculty & Staff Association
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OPSEU NOSM Local 677
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Academic & Professional Staff (Unit 1)

Unit 1

Unit 1 represents full time faculty, professional librarians, curriculum instructional designers, learner affairs officers and ME (medical education) database administrators working for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Bargaining Unit Members voted to unionize with the Faculty Association in December 2005, and the Ontario Labour Relations Board issued a certificate in January 2006. In December 2006 the first Collective Agreement (2006-08) was ratified.

In June 2008 the initial bargaining unit voted to join the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and negotiated a second Collective Agreement (2008-2011) as OPSEU NOSM Local 677. As part of the terms of transfer into OPSEU the Local and its Members remain Members of the NOSMFSA. In 2011 a third Collective Agreement (2011-2015) was negotiated

Members of the Local Executive who are in the Unit form the Unit 1 Committee. It meets regularly and has the Executive responsibility for matters such as Unit specific negotiations and grievances. The Unit 1 Committee has a Grievance Committee and, during bargaining, a Negotiations Committee. The Grievance and Negotiations Committees report to the Unit 1 Committee. In turn the Unit 1 Committee reports to the Unit 1 Members at least twice a year in Unit Membership Meetings.

The current Unit 1 Committee is as follows:

  • Local President: Nova Mason
  • Local VP Unit 1: Nicole Bessette
  • VP West: Geoffrey Hudson
  • Local Treasurer: Nicholas Persichino
  • Local Secretary: Rachel Schaaf
  • Unit 1 Secretary: Sophie Regalado
  • Member at Large (Academic Staff, North Eastern Ontario):
    • Tom Kovala
    • Marion Maar
    • Nicole Bessette
    • Laura Csontos
    • Alain Simard
  • Member at Large (Academic Staff, North Western Ontario):
    • Neelam Khaper
    • Zach Suntres
    • Geoffrey Hudson
    • Simon Lees
    • Cathy Schroeder
  • Full-time faculty: Carita Lanner
  • Curriculum Instructional Designers/ME Database Administrators: John Dabous
  • Professional Librarian: Sophie Regalado
  • Learner Affairs Officers: Sherry Mongeau

Click on this link to see a list of terms and references to selection processes.

Other & Ad hoc Committees and Service (Union)

  • Joint Consultative Committee (JCC: Unit 1 President, Chief Negotiating Officer & an additional member of the Unit Committee)
  • JCC Academic & Professional Staff Professional Development Subcommittees: Nicole Cardinal and Geoff Hudson
  • Scholarship Committee: Zach Suntres & Sophie Regalado
  • Chief Negotiating Officer: Geoff Hudson
  • Trustee: Donna Newhouse (not on Unit 1 Committee)
  • Sudbury & District Labour Council rep: TBA
  • Thunder Bay & District Labour Council: Geoff Hudson
  • Pension Committee: Zach Suntres
  • Health and Safety Reps: Tom Kovala (East Campus); Simon Lees and Neelam Khaper (West Campus)

Non-Union Committees on which Unit 1 Members serve (which are governed by the Unit 1 Collective Agreement):

  • Rep on Pension Committee for Unit 1 Bargaining Unit Members & non-BU senior administrators with right of reversion: Patricia Smith
  • Faculty & Librarians on Research Committee: TBA
  • Faculty Personnel Committee:
    • Neelam Khaper
    • Zacharias Suntres
    • Geoffrey Hudson
    • Brian Ross
    • Donna Newhouse
    • Dave Musson (Associate Dean)
    • Lynn Martin (Lakehead)
    • Kabwe Nkongolo (Laurentian)
  • Professional Librarians Personnel Committee:
    • Michael McArthur
    • Sophie Regalado
    • Dave Musson (Associate Dean)
    • Ashley Thomson (Laurentian)
    • Debra Gould (Lakehead)
  • Professional Staff Personnel Committee: TBA

The Unit 1 Committee meets monthly. If you are a Unit 1 Member who is not on the Committee but you wish as a Member to observe you are of course free to do so, just send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information about the next Meeting. To bring an item of concern or a question to the attention of the Unit 1 Committee contact the relevant representative and/or the Unit President at any time. In addition Members are reminded that every Unit Membership and Unit 1 (Executive) Committee meeting includes an 'any other business' agenda item. As per our longstanding practice meeting minutes are available on request to Unit Members.