NOSM Faculty & Staff Association

OPSEU NOSM Local 677

Tel: 807-621-7782

Staff (Unit 2)

Unit 2 represents (full and part time) office, clerical, administrative, technical and service employees working for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

The Unit was created in March 2009 by staff when they voted to create their own Union, joining OPSEU Local 677 as a separate Staff Bargaining Unit. In November 2010 the Staff Unit's first Collective Agreement (2009-2012) was ratified. Staff Unit Members are Members of the NOSMFSA.

Members of the Local Executive who are in the Unit form the Unit 2 Committee. It meets regularly and has the Executive responsibility for matters such as Unit specific negotiations and grievances. The Unit 2 Committee has a Grievance Committee and, during bargaining, a Negotiations Committee. The Grievance and Negotiations Committees report to the Unit 2 Committee. In turn the Unit 2 Committee reports to the Unit 2 Members in Unit Membership Meetings.

The current Unit 2 Committee is as follows:

  • Unit 2 President (aka Local VP Unit 2): Jason Lind
  • Unit 2 Secretary: Rachel Schaaf
  • VP East: Kelly Merla
  • Region 6 Stewards (North Eastern Ontario):
    • Shreedhar Acharya
    • Joel Leduc
    • Jason Lind
    • Kelly Merla
    • Julie Houle
  • Region 7 Stewards(North Western Ontario):
    • Katie Biasiol
    • Cara Garbachewski
    • Pam Tallon
    • Michael Lenardon
    • Joseph Modi
  • Members at Large:
    • Nova Mason
    • Rachel Schaaf
    • Robert Bertrand
    • Hailey Masiero
    • Leeya Bobrowski-Vogt
    • Chris Czaja
    • Lisa Kokanie
    • Sally Monague
    • Alexandra Poling
    • Linda Liboiron-Grenier

The Unit 2 Committee meets regularly. If you are a Unit 2 Member who is not on the Committee but you wish as a Member to observe you are of course free to do so, just send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information about the next meeting. To bring an item of concern or a question to the attention of the Unit 2 Committee contact the relevant representative and/or the Unit President at any time. In addition Members are reminded that every Unit Membership and Unit 2 Committee meeting includes an 'any other business' agenda item. Minutes are available on request to Unit Members.