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NUFSA Negotiation of Promotions Policy

Thursday, 30 June 2011 6:21 pm


In January 2008 our Association and the Physician Clinical Teachers Association wrote to the School to ask to negotiate the promotions policy for part time faculty with the School. We received a positive response and then proceeded to hold a teleconference meeting with physician and non-physician part time faculty at which a common approach to the negotiations was agreed, which was shared with all non- full time faculty at the time. Subsequently, on 29 February 2008, the NOSMFA and the PCTA jointly presented a document to the School with a number of requested changes to the promotions policy and related policies.

2010 & 2011

Since the meeting on 29 February 2008 our Association had not heard back from the School on the promotions policy, despite asking for an update on a number of occasions, until late in August 2010, when the Association was sent a revised document and asked for comment.

In September 2010 the two Associations met with the Employer to ask questions and seek clarification about the revised promotions document. The two Associations have since met with the Employer once to discuss further the requested changes early in 2011. The Employer then ceased discussions and moved to have a set of revised policies passed by the NOSM Board of Directors in May 2011.


In October 2013 the Employer wrote to the two Associations to ask for their comments on a draft revised promotions and appointments policy document. The NOSMFSA met with part time faculty (VC/TC meeting) in November to discuss possible improvements to the document, and subsequently circulated a letter to part time faculty outlining its position prior to talking with the School. In December the two Associations met with the School and each suggested amendments to the draft promotions and appointments policy.