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The Association was founded in February 2005, and had its first bargaining unit (full-time Academic & Professional Staff) certified in January 2006. In December 2006 the first Collective Agreement (2006-08) was ratified.

In June 2008 the initial bargaining unit joined the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and negotiated a second Collective Agreement (2008-2011) as OPSEU NOSM Local 677. As part of the terms of transfer into OPSEU the Local and its Members remain Members of the NUFSA.

In March 2009 the full and part-time office, clerical, administrative, technical and service employees of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine voted to join OPSEU Local 677 as its 2nd bargaining unit. In November 2010 the Staff Unit’s first Collective Agreement (2009-2012) was ratified. Staff Unit Members are Members of the NUFSA.

The NUFSA/OPSEU NOSM Local 677 is among a number of University sector Associations/Unions in Canada with both the academic and general staff in one or more certified bargaining units. Others have units for part-time faculty, and this is a goal for us as well. In multi Unit Associations/Locals such as ours each Unit controls its own collective agreement and grievances, and elects its own Executive Officers and Negotiating Team Members, and controls its own files. At the same time the Association and Local provide forums for mutual support and cooperation on matters of common interest.

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