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What if I have to cross the picket line?

NUFSA members understand that there may be reasons why people need to cross the picket line. Some of these issues could be mitigated if the administration cancelled classes in the event of a strike as at other Universities with faculty strikes – this would mean many students and workers would not need to be put in this difficult position.

It is important to remember that NUFSA members are not striking against other workers on campus or against students or learners. NUFSA members are striking against the administration’s decision to jeopardise our working conditions, student learning conditions, and quality medical education in the North. All of these difficulties can be avoided if the administration averts a strike by negotiating a fair deal with NUFSA. 

If you would like to encourage the NOSM University administration to avert a strike please send them an email. One way you can do so is by adding your name to a letter on our website

If you do not want to cross the picket line and you have classes that are scheduled to continue in the event of a strike, you should get in touch with NUFSA at [email protected] to discuss your options.